ADT vs. Xfinity

We live in a volatile world. There are new threats every day that can cause anxiety, stress, and depression among the population. But there is an answer: getting a reliable home security system from a well-known company. But where do you start?

Home security is important. When looking for the best home security system, it is essential to analyze various aspects of different products to compare them side-by-side. This article will take a look at two of the most popular home security systems and look at the main components of both. This should serve as a guide for anyone who is in the market for a new home security system or who wants to learn more about security systems and what to look for when you do your research.

Monitoring Centers

When it comes to monitoring centers, Xfinity and ADT brands have six different monitoring centers that serve as centralized portals that monitor activity on the platforms. ADT is an older company that has been around for over 150 years while Xfinity is a relatively new company founded in 1963 by the Comcast people which recently changed its name to include a variety of other products and services and to modernize the name.


With ADT, you will own your own equipment. Xfinity allows you to lease your equipment but you cannot own it. This is a factor for some people, but if this is not important, then this can be excluded from the factors you use to make your decision.

TV Control Functionality

ADT has mobile access that you can control through your smart device, but users report that Xfinity has more functionality for mobile users as well as TV remote functionality. ADT does not control your TV and has no other services other than home security and automation.


Pricing on both units starts at under $30, but ADT seems to offer a better-streamlined security service with a better overall cost point. They reward you for adding more cameras while Xfinity seems to increase the cost the more cameras and add-ons you include in your package.


Xfinity offers a shorter period for your contract(24 month period) while ADT offers a 36-month contract. Renters sometimes prefer the shorter contract so that they can feel free to change within a shorter period if they choose to do so. For apartment dwellers or college students who don't plan to stay very long in their present location, they might be better off with the Xfinity system since it has a shorter contract length. ADT requires a longer commitment and is intended for people who plan to stay in their current residence for a longer period and protect their home and perimeters.

Best Features of ADT

ADT focuses on home security. There are no extras that attempt to pull in other tools like Xfinity does. So if home security is what you are after, that's what you'll have with the ADT system. You can upgrade your ADT system to include carbon monoxide detection, fire, and flood sensors if you choose. Otherwise, the basic plan comes with the control keypad, motion detectors, and other features.

If you choose to purchase ADT Pulse with the Control Plan, you will add mobile app control and home automation. The Video Plan is the upper tier plan, and it adds streaming surveillance that is capable of being recorded on top of all of the other features.

Overall, the price for the ADT system is lower if home security is all you are after. Monitoring starts at only $27.99 per month with the basic installation being around $99 for a 36-month contract. (Contract is only 24 months in California).

With ADT's basic plan, you'll get the following features:

  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Cellular and battery backup
  • Basic home security equipment
  • Wireless access sensors

ADT Add-On Plan

If you add the ADT Pulse video plan, you'll pay $58.99 per month for up to 10 cameras. This may be worth it to people who want to have their entire home, and outside landscaping monitored on a regular basis without having to pay more to have more additional cameras.

Best Features of Xfinity

Xfinity Home offers one security plan with no upgrades. But you can add video for only $10 per month extra. Adding both indoor and outdoor cameras will save you money in the long-run on your monthly plan. If you add extra cameras though, you will pay $10 per camera for every extra camera you add to your plan.

You will get the following features when you sign up for Xfinity Home:

  • 24/7 monitoring service for $29.95
  • Xfinity services for TV, internet, or home phone
  • $99 installation fee
  • Contract length: 2 years

You'll pay $10 more per camera with Xfinity's home security plan. Also, the price goes up to $39.95 per month after the first full year on the contract.

One unique feature of the Xfinity system is that it an be handheld and may be used in a mobile environment. You'll also receive an extra access sensor with three devices rather than two like ADT offers. All equipment that you receive from Xfinity is "rental only," and you do not own your equipment.

The ADT Advantage

ADT is the most famous home security system in the world, and it remains the most respected home automated security system due to its robust list of features, add-ons, and extras that you can include on your package. Another advantage to using the ADT system is that you have a 6-month-period to decide if you want to stay on the plan. If you are not happy with it at the end of that period for any reason, you can get out of your contract and convert to another plan such as Xfinity instead.

Xfinity's 'Buy Now, Pay Me Later' Clause

Xfinity has a good deal for their Home Security system for the first 12 months at only $29.95 per month. But, after the first year, the price goes up to $39.95 per month. So you will need to consider this before you commit to the Xfinity system. If you are looking for other services that include TV and internet, you may be interested in this program. But remember the price will increase if you decide to stay with it while ADT offers the 6-month guarantee but the price does not increase after one year.

If you have a large home or if having multiple cameras is essential to you, you may want to opt for the ADT system since you get up to 10 cameras under the ADT Pulse system. Xfinity charges you $10 per month per camera per upgrade.

Own or Lease?

If it is important to you to own your equipment, you will want to go for the ADT system. That's because ADT lets you own your equipment once you start your contract and you are making your payments on time. With Xfinity, you are only renting the equipment and you never really own it.

Is price all that's important?

Okay, you should have the picture now that ADT is a better deal price wise if you are only interested in having a home security system. But what if you want more than just home security? Then Xfinity is probably a better choice. ADT does not offer any service other than home automation and security. That is their specialty, and that is what they focus on.

Xfinity offers TV, internet, and other services that you can get as part of your service and these bundled packages may save you money throughout a year. However, you'll pay an extra $10 per month for every extra camera you add to your home security system, so you have to stop and ask yourself whether having the other services in a bundled package is worth the inflated price for the extra cameras or not.

Xfinity Extra Services

If you are interested in Xfinity's other services, you can ask your service technician about the following:

  • TV
  • Internet
  • Phone services

To get an idea of whether you are saving money with the bundled package with Xfinity, you may want to compare the Xfinity system with your current cable or satellite system to see if you will be saving more money with Xfinity when you add TV and phone service. If not, you would be better off going with the ADT Home Security system for your home security system, then keep your local cable or phone plan separate.

Summary and Conclusions

If you are looking for a dedicated standalone home security system, you may want to go with ADT. ADT has been in business since 1851 providing homeowners with some of the best security features available. They are most known for their prompt responses to emergencies when a homeowner has detected an intruder in coordinating with law enforcement and others to monitor and take action when it is needed for your security.

Nowadays, it is also essential to be able to use the mobile features that are available with most security systems. ADT's mobile access allows you to check in and monitor your home environment from anywhere in the world. So you always know what is going on within your home and you can even turn on lights or other features within your home to discourage theft by giving the appearance of being at home.

Xfinity has some other perks, as well with the voice control feature that is available from the Xfinity mobile app provided you also have the Xfinity XH router that works with your mobile devices.

All-in-all, we think it's best for homeowners to purchase ADT is you are after home security and automation alone. If you want a bundled package and you would save money doing this, choose the Xfinity package instead. If you need multiple cameras, choose ADT to monitor several different areas of your lawn or home for top-level security monitoring.

The bottom line is: Decide whether you want to pay less for just home security or pay a bit more for extra services such as TV, phone, internet, and such like. Keep in mind that your price goes up by $10 per month for your home security plan after the first full year on the contract, so it all evens out in a way when compared to ADT's security alone program.

If you are happy with your current cable, satellite, or phone/internet plans, there is no need to bundle your services with Xfinity. Don't add onto bills that you don't need. But if you want to save money in a bundled package and don't want to put quite as much into your home security plan, you can choose the Xfinity system to save money on the whole thing.

So decide which is more important to save money on everything or just home security. If you want to focus on home security, you will want to go for the ADT plan. The name and service say it all. It is a trusted company that has been an icon for home and commercial level security systems for many years.

Xfinity, a newer company, has quickly branched out to include a variety of other services. But they may not fare quite as well on their terms of service or speed in getting to a remote location when you have an actual emergency.

Reputation is Important

Look into the data and the service record of both companies regarding the security aspect and see which one wins the prize for . If you care about security the most and that is why you are shopping for this service, you will probably want to go with the ADT plan. Their reputation says it all.

got a rating of 3 out of 5 stars on one review site for fast response time. Ask yourself if that is good enough for you if you are thinking about having a reliable security system. Keep in mind though that this is based on only a few reviews on a popular review site.

In the end, it's all about what you value the most. If you want a guaranteed security system that is focused on your home security and the ability to monitor and adjust your features while away, on vacation, and such like, ADT is the answer.

If you are looking for a more temporary system that does it all such as phone, internet, and TV as well, Xfinity may fit your bill.

Our final opinion is to go with ADT for security but choose Xfinity only after doing another comparison of comparable TV, cable, internet, and phone plans to see if you are truly saving money with the bundled package.

Then choose based on what is the most important to you.

Do Your Homework

Doing your own research is the best way to decide which package or purchase. We hope this review will get you started in that direction and that you will be safe whether you are in your home or traveling. Having a reliable security system is one of the most important things you can do to protect your family from possible threats.

So check out both plans and contact a representative to see how they do with customer service. Customer service is important, as well. This should also be factored into your decision. Good luck and be safe.