Do You Truly Need A Home Security System?

Shelter and security are the primary survival need for all living beings, especially humans. That constant feeling of insecurity grows and spreads, and can negatively affect our lives. We seek protection, and we protect ourselves and our family.

Our home is sacred to use, for it is our home, not our house we exist in, wake up and go to sleep, argue and reconcile, laugh and cry. And

If we lose that feeling of safety, warmth, and comfort, we are lost. That is why it is necessary that your home stays your home, and doesn't turn into a place of insecurity and fear.

That is why this article will discuss home security: does it truly protect you? Is it cost effective, and do the pros outweigh the cons.

Prevention And Protection

While you are trying to make your home safe, some people are only interested in your house, the objects in them. Whether it is jewelry, cash, valuable appliances, cars, they want it. Now this doesn't mean they want to rob you in particular, but it could happen, and it is that "could" that bothers us the most.

According to , victims lose approximately $2100 per one burglary. This cost amounts only for stolen goods, not the damage a burglar causes, such as broken windows or doors. And although most thieves are only interested in your wealth, in the form of cars, expensive jewelry or art, they will harm you if you find yourself in their path.

shows that 7% of all documented burglaries end up violently. It is a small percentage, especially if you pair it with the possibility of you being robbed, which is small too. However, burglary can negatively impact not only your physical health but psychological also.

While home security system can't stop these things from happening, it might ward off the burglars. According to , 60% of burglars would think twice if the target home has some form of home security, whether it is surveillance cameras or alarm system. Moreover, 40% said that they would target only those homes that aren't protected by the security system.

The effect grows exponentially. If you and your neighbors have a home security system, burglars will not only evade your home but your entire neighborhood, . So, purchasing home security system will ensure not only the physical safety of your house but also the psychological tranquility of your home.

Naturally, for your home is vital. For instance, a surveillance camera might not stop the burglar, but it may help police investigators find the perpetrator. On the other hand, an alarm might alert you or authorities that unwanted subject is present in your home, giving you just enough time to react.

Protection From Natural Incidences

Burglars aren't the only threat to your home's safety. Natural incidents may occur too, such as fires or floods and water leaks. Though the home security system won't stop these things from happening, it can warn you or signal that something is wrong.

Water leakage is the most common naturally occurring incidence. Things happen, pipes break, either because they freeze, they were poorly installed or lose quality over time. According to this study, one-third of all the homeowners in the US lost money because of water damage.

And if you have a basement, then there is that water will eventually damage it, if it didn't already. If you are among the lucky 2%, perhaps this is something you should think about and try to prevent it. This can happen either because of heavy rain or floods or because of pipe leakage.

The best way to try and prevent these things is by at the lowest levels of your home. The focus is put on prevention; the sensor will signal and warn you if your home is in danger, allowing you to react on time and prevent the damage.

Fire, though it happens rarely, causes even more damage. that homes without sprinkles withstand approximately $45 000 in financial harm. On the other hand, houses with water sprinklers loss roughly $2150 due to fire. But economic damage should be your least concern when dealing with fire.

(2014) suggest that there were 367 500 fires in the US. More than 10 000 people were injured, and 2745 lost their lives due to fire. Having smoke detectors and water sprinklers can not only save your life but also prevent the financial harm caused by the fire.

More and more people opt for smart , for they communicate better than the ordinary smoke detector. For instance, if a fire occurs in your kitchen, alarm in your kitchen will go off. But, if you have smart smoke detectors, all alarms will go off. They will make more noise, and thus quickly attract yours or someone else's attention. Since these are smart detectors, you can connect them to your smartphone and receive alerts on it.

So, if you don't have flood sensors or smoke detectors, consider buying them to improve the safety of your home. Also, if you already have smoke detectors, perhaps upgrading to smart smoke detectors wouldn't be a bad idea, since they are more reliable and rapid in response.

Is It Cost Effective?

It is clear that home security systems have numerous positive impact on the safety of you and your home. But, how much would it cost you? There are a couple of things you have to consider before you decide to have a home security system of any kind.

Firstly, you would have to buy the equipment. It is impossible to predict how much would it cost you, but on average, you can purchase home security equipment for $200 to $400.

Installation may cost anywhere from $0 to $300, depending on the system and the system provider. Some providers will include installation in the product price, while others will offer installation services and charge them independently.

Then there is the activation fee costing you from $0 to $200, depending on the system and the system provider. Or, if you are knowledgeable about these things, you can activate it yourself.

Monitoring fees are the biggest expense, ranging from $15 to $50 a month, depending on the complexity of the system, company that provides the system and the tier the system belongs to; the higher the level, the more expensive are the monitoring fees.

Now, if you compare these prices to the prices you may pay because of water leakage, fire or burglary, it is clear that purchasing home security system isn't a disposable purchase, but an investment, in your health and economy.

Is It Worth It?

I would say it is. Because several things are at stake, from physical and psychological health to your private economy, investing in a home security system is a valuable option. An average burglary can cost you $2000, water leakage approximately $7000, and fire can burn your entire home.

Now I'm not fear mongering. But if you are reading this article, it means that you are contemplating the idea of purchasing a home security system for whatever reasons. Be aware of the fact that average system would cost you somewhere around $1000, with the additional monthly monitoring fees.

Even if you can't see immediate gains, consider the fact that you'll feel a lot safer, knowing that your home repels burglars, senses water danger and puts out the fire on its own. When you observe things from that perspective, you aren't only protecting your home and your family, but you are also buying a piece of mind.

So yes I would say it is worth it, for I believe this article certainly showcased that pros heavily outweigh the cons.