ADT Home Security Systems

There is a good chance some of your neighbors or friends already have an ADT security system. If you look around your neighborhood, you will see ADT signs in the windows or right out front. ADT is solid, reputable and considered to be the standard in the home security industry. The company is not flashy, but their equipment is high quality and their customer service is excellent. There are even home automation options so you can expand your current system.

There will always be someone who complains about the price. The truth is the average cable bill costs more than the expense for a keypad setup for doors and windows. The contract plans are for 36 months. Considering a home security system lasts between eight and eleven years, this is about right. The variety of security packages ensures you can have almost anything you want. ADT provides security packages for home owners, automation enthusiasts and renters.

ADT offers professional installation for cellular connections, broadband cable and landlines. Professional installation is highly recommended. If you are interested in DIY monitoring, ADT Canopy is compatible with Samsung’s SmartThings such as the Samsung Gear S2 watch. ADT also offers both keypad and touchscreen hubs.

The Different Security Features Offered By ADT

  • Touchscreen control panel
  • Digital keypad
  • Entryway contacts
  • Wireless door and windows sensors
  • Digital thermostats
  • Wireless indoor and outdoor cameras
  • Video doorbell
  • Door chime
  • High decibel alarm siren
  • Carbon monoxide sensor
  • Water flood sensor
  • Smoke and heat sensor
  • Light sensor
  • Panic pendant
  • Keychain remote
  • Garage door openers
  • Garage door sensor
  • Automated smart locks and deadbolt locks
  • PIR infrared motion detector
  • Safewatch Cellguard
  • Backup battery
  • Two-way voice intercom system

The basic ADT home security system includes the door and window sensors and the control panel. You can choose to add any additional features such as Amazon Alexa or the Nest cam. It is important to know the type of system you have in case of an emergency. One of the best features are the pet-friendly sensors. They sense up to eighty pounds to help prevent false alarms.

ADT also offers tools and pendants for individuals unable to reach a phone in case of an injury or accident. The medical alert is integrated into the system so there is no need to coordinate with another company. The pricing for ADT equipment is similar to their competitors. The reason ADT stands above the rest is due to their Pulse mobile app.

The ADT Pulse control panel clearly shows the functions. This panel is competitive when compared to the proprietary gear—a fact provided by Vivint. The difference is ADT wants to see new equipment created with the entire system in mind. The ADT Pulse is sleeker, and includes Z-wave compatible devices, interactive monitoring, video surveillance and two-way communication. The ADT Pulse can control garage door openers, digital door locks and remote thermostats and lights. The ADT Pulse Live Video includes indoor and outdoor video cameras you can watch from your mobile device, computer of television. The device is wireless so you can control it using your tablet or cell phone.

Home Automation

Home automation is anything indirectly controlled by a mobile app, remote control or IFTAT automation. It is easy to set up and offers a lot of options for customization. Numerous home automation features are available with the ADT Pulse including dimming or turning your lights on and off. The ADD Pulse app controls nearly anything including your lights, video equipment, locks and temperature control.

You can save energy by turning your lights off when you are not home or provide extra security by turning them on while on vacation so it appears someone is home. If you are concerned about the possibility of a break-in, you can turn on your lights prior to entering your home. You can reduce your energy bills by turning off the air conditioning or heat when nobody is home. You can use the Pulse app to turn them back on to ensure the temperature is perfect before anyone returns.

Automated locks ensure you will never have to worry if you remembered to lock your front door. Simply use the app to lock the door without the need to drive back home. You can also use the app to control video surveillance. You can access your streams, get event notifications and check on your kids and pets.

Mobile and Remote Control

Mobile control enables you to know when your home is safe and to take action when it is threatened. You can control your system using an app, mobile device or key chain remote controller. Your remote will probably have four buttons.

  • Stay Arming keeps you safe by arming the perimeter, not the indoor motion sensors.
  • Away Arming arms the exterior and interior.
  • Disarm will disengage your system without typing in your code.
  • Panic is held for three seconds to alert the police and avoid false alarms.

ADT Pulse Mobile App

The ADT Pulse provides a smart home experience provided there is internet access. This includes temperature adjustment, light control, remote unlocking and two-way communication. This can be controlled with an Android, iPhone or major web browser. The features save on energy and provide peace of mind. If you receive an alert while you are away, you can make certain the cameras were triggered by a paper being delivered or UPS.

ADT Security Cameras

You can use your smartphone or computer to watch footage. The cameras and motion detectors are synced so you can view any triggered events later. Your footage is encrypted and stored in the cloud so you can use the internet to access it from any location. The different types of ADT cameras available offer a wide variety of features.

The Customer Experience

According to the customers, once your ADT system has been installed, everything is fine. You can make the ordering and installation process easier by remaining open as to the equipment you will need and scheduling you installation during your day off whenever possible. This will reduce stress and help you stay in control.

ADT System Ordering

You will not get the exact pricing for equipment and service from a web chat. The sales agent must see your property first. An ADT installer will provide a free evaluation. This is not to sell you additional equipment but to show you any weak spots in your home. If you request a quote, ADT will continue to call until you purchase a system or ask to be taken off their contact list.

ADT System Installation

The standard installation charge is $99. It may be possible to wave the fee by signing up for a promotion or asking the salesman. If you are leasing or renting, there is a difference if you choose the wireless setup because no drilling is required. If drilling is necessary, you simply need your landlord's verbal permission. ADT also offers a satisfaction guarantee for six months. They will refund the cost of installation and monitoring but not equipment.

The Incident Procedure

When an event is triggered, the ADT security center will attempt to contact you using your contact phone numbers. They will then determine which first responders are contacted. Keeping your list of contact numbers shorter is recommended because ADT will call all of them prior to contacting the authorities if there is no clear danger. A two-way monitoring system enables you to directly communicate with the ADT security center. This is the recommended option for pet owners, parents and and anyone interested in an immediate response.

ADT Pricing

The main reason many individuals believe ADT charges higher prices is because there is no non-DIY monitoring package available for less than $35 per month. Other than this, their costs are similar to the other major brands. The bill is for both monitoring and equipment costs. The price is dependent on the options selected. The specific costs for equipment are not available without an estimate. The equipment is not covered by the six month satisfaction guarantee.

There are four packages offered by ADT. These are:

  • Pulse + Video
  • Pulse
  • Basic Wireless
  • Basic

The basic plan includes monitoring, alarms and sensors. The basic wireless is the same plan without the need to drill holes in the walls due to cellular technology. The Pulse adds home automation. The basic cost is between $27.99 and $58.99 each month. Additional services and equipment can be customized for your home. The cost is less than a typical cable bill and ADT often saves people thousands in damages.


Monitoring is when the security center is monitoring the system sensors in your home to ensure the detectors are not triggered. They do not watch you from the cameras. ADT Pulse enables you to customize your system using home automation. This is an excellent option if you want more than monitoring and alarms. You can add a video doorbell or use Echo or Amazon Alexa for speech control. ADT Pulse + Video adds video surveillance. This is a more expensive option but combines all the services with one company.

ADT will not charge you for calls or interactions. There may be fines for multiple false alarms. This should not be an issue because ADT will test your system after it has been installed to reduce the chances of false alarms.


Once you have chosen your package and signed the contract, you must either remain with ADT or buyout your contract. A contract prevents your price from increasing and when the contract ends, you own the equipment. You can then move your equipment almost anywhere in the United States and only pay a small activation fee to restart the service. Discounted equipment is offered through the Mover's Guarantee if you plan on moving. ADT provides almost everything you could want for home security from the simplest set up to the most intricate. ADT video surveillance and security cameras are a good addition to the basic package.

The Benefits of a Cellular System

If you are concerned about safety, a cellular system will ensure you can always connect to the security center. It is important to note a savvy intruder can cut the landlines. The cellular services also eliminate the need to drill holes into your walls. Cellular service is recommended, but not available to many of the remote and rural areas. You will be required to submit to a hard credit check. This is the same type of inquiry used by credit card companies for new applicants.