Link Interactive Home Security Review

When it comes to home security and protecting what’s likely your most valuable asset and largest investment, homeowners want to know that they’re getting adequate protections and reliable service and equipment. Yet, the pricing equipment, and even services offered by various home security companies are often anything but transparent. Link Interactive does a fantastic job providing customers with compressive, transparent information so that they can compare their options and determine what suits their needs best

As far as direct offerings, Frontpoint and Link Interactive are quite similar providers. Both offer similar equipment and monitoring, competitive pricing, DIY installation, and impressive customer service. Deciding between the two may come down to personal preference. Let’s look at what Link Interactive offers.


Basic home security systems typically come standard with a certain number and type of sensors, monitoring service, and a control panel. In most cases, you’ll have to choose an equipment package, monthly monitoring service package, and then purchase any extras separately. This leaves the customer to dig through various packages to see what equipment comes with each package option; whether or not equipment options are tied to protection plans; and, if so, then what equipment comes with what plan. It can be tedious, time consuming, and highly frustrating. Link is a breath of fresh air from this standpoint.

Link Interactive allows you to chose your equipment without signing on for a preset package that may not suit your needs. Talk about simplifying the process. You can pick and choose how much security you need and still be able to customize which sensors you need and what type of control panel appeals to you.


Most all security providers outsource for equipment, meaning they’ll use equipment manufactured by companies like GE, Honeywell, and 2GIG. Some security providers only deal in one specific brand. The good news is that most are identical in the manufacturing and function. The bad news is that various manufacturers have high to low price points on virtually the same piece of equipment.

Link Interactive uses a combination of manufacturers to provide customers a broader variety in goods and pricing. They’re also very transparent about this pricing online. A good many security providers don’t even list pricing; you have to speak with customer reps to get prices. As for as options go, Link Interactive has both top of the line and basic options for customers to select.

Take sensors as an example of options. At Link, you can select a very basic motion sensor or move up to smart sensors with integrated infrared cameras capable of sending pics of intruders straight to your smartphone.


A big problem in home security is that a landline can be cut to disable the system. That doesn’t exactly translate to peace of mind for many homeowners. While many security providers strictly require a landline or broadband connection, there are some, such as ADT, allowing the customer to decide if they want the security system to run off landline, broadband or cellular.

Do keep in mind that systems running off of landlines and broadband are less costly than those reliant upon cellular networks. While intruders may have access to a device that blocks cellular signals, it’s a much more involved, planned, and difficult than simply snipping a line on the outside of your home.

Link Interactive’s equipment exclusively uses a cellular connection.


Are you looking for a professional installation, such as ADT provides, or are you ready to DIY?

Good news for Link Interactive customers - you get to avoid that costly installation fee. Bad news for Link Interactive customers - you will need to install the equipment yourself.

In reality, though, it’s not that complicated of a process for novices, most people will know someone experienced to help them out, YouTube is full of self-help videos on security installation, and Link Interactive’s tech support team can help you through the process over the phone if you need them. Most of the main equipment is peel and stick, anyway.


Both Link Interactive panel options are touchscreen and feature two-way talk with Link Interactive’s monitoring center so that you can communicate directly false alarms verses legitimate security threats. Handy feature to avoid hunting down a phone to communicate with your security service. It also helps avoid false alarm fines by the community for law enforcement needlessly being dispatched for too many false alarms.

Your options:

1) 2GIG Go!Control

  • Comes standard.

2) IQ Panel 2

  • Costs around $200 extra.
  • Larger display.
  • Comes with three additional window or door sensors and one additional motion sensor.
  • Camera takes a photo anytime the system is disarmed.

Overall, the IQ panel has the advantage of a nifty camera option. The extra sensors can be bought with the standard panel, and you still will come out cheaper than the $200 for the IQ panel. Is it a necessary equipment upgrade for safety? No, not in our opinion. Handy for the camera if you don’t mind the cost? Of course.


Similar to Bluetooth, Z-wave technology is the standard in smart home connectivity. Whichever Link Interactive control panel you opt for will be the connection to your central hub. An app allows you to control the security system remotely. If you have other smart devices, such as thermostat controls and light dimmers, you’ll have one app for all your home automation control.

Like most security providers, Link Interactive uses the mobile app for remote control. It enables you remote ability to disarm, arm, view cameras live and playback, and receive automatic feed on Skybell doorbell camera when someone comes to your door.

Speaking of Skybell door camera, it’s perhaps one of our favorite add-on options. You must choose the Elite monitoring package, however, for security camera support. It’s not the simplest piece of equipment to install, but it’s certainly worth the 30 minutes to an hour installation time for a lot of homeowners. Features include:

  • Two-way audio
  • Motion detection
  • Doorbell-triggered live video
  • HD video
  • Night vision

Skybell and the mobile app allow for endless uses, including:

  • Monitor that children, cleaning services, house sitters, or other welcome entities arrive at your home. You automatically receive live feed the second they step on your porch. From there you can remotely unlock the door for them and lock it back using your app. Never hand out copied keys again that can be lost or misused.
  • Monitor that packages have been delivered to your door.
  • Quickly determine who is ringing your doorbell or on your porch so that you can decide if you want to answer the door.
  • Caregivers of elderly loved ones are beginning to use this equipment to allow them to work and still monitor for wandering risks, grant home health professionals access to the home, and unlock doors for emergency personnel in the event of a fire or medical emergency.


Technical issues aside, most homeowners only upgrade security systems every 10 years or so. Most security providers require two to three- year contracts. So, contracts aren’t usually a big commitment concern, but some homeowners simply don’t like having such hanging over their heads, especially if they change jobs frequently or are at a stage of life where upgrading or downgrading homes is a probability.

Link Interactive’s contract options are a huge draw for customers not wanting a long-term commitment. First of all, customers do have incentives for signing a contract. Agreement discounts can knock several hundred dollars off the upfront cost, depending on the length of the contract. Link has 12,24, and 36 month contract options. Nice, especially considering that other providers like Frontpoint lock you into a mandatory three-year contract. Vivint is one of the few with a no-contract option, but their monthly price points are much steeper than at Link Interactive.


Frontpoint’s and ADT’s basic monthly monitoring plans are higher. Vivint’s lowest price package is identically priced with Link Interactive’s most expensive package, the Elite.

At just $30.99/mo, Link Interactive’s Standard monitoring plan is one of the most reasonable cellular-based monitoring plans. Throw in that it comes with home automation capability, and this is really one of the most attractive deals on the market.

Do remember that monthly monitoring plans are service-only. It doesn’t include the price of the equipment you select.


Link Interactive offers simple, comprehensive, transparent, and competitive pricing, which is a real bonus in a market that often fails to be upfront with customers. Customers can pick and choose from an equipment buffet, not be forced to eat the cost of packages just for equipment or equipment just for packages. Equipment options have a wide selection from low cost to high end. Customer service performs well. While a no-contract option would suit many customer’s needs better, at least Link provides customers with incentives and options. Home automation and cellular-based service provides customers with a greater sense of security and overall control. If you’re still unsure if Link Interactive is the right choice for your home security needs, feel free to check out our home security comparison guide and learn about your other options.