Vivint Home Security System

Vivint is one of the finest providers in home security. The equipment is designed with the homeowner in mind. It has the latest state-of-the-art equipment to keep your home secure. All of Vivint’s technology including the easy-to-use mobile app and the door sensors are not only dependable but very attractive-looking as well.

You will learn more about Vivint including how much it costs and whether it might work for you in your home. Please be advised that the equipment is a bit expensive. If you’re looking for a low-cost option that will better fit your budget, you might want to consider other systems. But if you want a fully-functional security system that will give you peace of mind, read on.


Vivint is the most expensive home security system money can buy. The equipment will also set you back a lot more money than other security systems. On the plus side, in February 2017, Vivint no longer requires customers to sign long-term contracts. You can pay for your service on a month-by-month basis and cancel at any time without paying any penalties.

Another positive – you can pay for your equipment in monthly installments instead of paying for it all up front. The small caveat is that you will have to sign a contract in this case.

You can purchase cameras and home automation à la carte. But if you want basic monitoring and security, Vivint is probably not going to be the best choice for you unless you want their Smart Security package.

Vivint has some impressive cameras for detecting suspicious activity. These cameras cost an extra $10 a month as part of their Smart Home Video package. This package includes storage, live feeds, and recording.

As stated earlier, many customers were not happy about being saddled with long-term contracts. But Vivint listened to their customers and in 2017, dropped this requirement, giving customers the freedom to cancel whenever they wish if they no longer want the product. A catch is that you must pay $2000 for all of your equipment up front. If you buy your equipment by the piece or finance the equipment for 0% APR, you will still have to sign a 5-year contract for their service. A three and a half year contract is another option but your monthly equipment fee will be somewhat higher.

All About the Vivint Security System

Any basic home security system should have the following: round-the-clock monitoring, door and window sensors, motion detectors/freeze sensors, and a control panel.

For the most part, many security companies offer basic, third-party equipment. So whether you purchase this equipment from ADT or Frontpoint, it doesn’t matter since the equipment from either company is so very similar.

What’s great about Vivint is that they do a phenomenal job of designing all of their equipment in their own facility. You are not limited to cookie-cutter models like other security providers have, but you do have to purchase basic equipment.

Vivint’s basic equipment package includes the following things: Vivint Sky app, Vivint SkyControl panel, 2-4 door and window sensors, motion sensor, 24/7 monitoring, and professional installation.

The SkyControl Panel

The control panel is the core of any security system. It’s the only way you can arm or disarm your system and control all of the rest of your equipment including security cameras. Some good features about Vivint’s system are the camera live-feeds, unique user codes, and two-way talk.

Two-Way Talk

One of the biggest pitfalls about many security systems is false alarms. If a sensor is accidentally tripped by mistake, your security provider will call you, and you’ll want to be sure you’re by your phone so you can answer right away. If you’re not available they will try a backup number before calling the authorities. If this happens too many times, fines could be imposed on you for it.

With Vivint, you’ll never have to worry about that again. Their security system has a two-way talk feature. If your alarm goes off by mistake, they can talk to you through the panel before the police or other authorities are contacted. You won’t have to be by your phone every waking moment.

False alarms happen far less frequently with the two-way talk function. When they do happen it’s when more than one user is away from their phone or the main part of the home where the control panel is.

Live Feeds

Vivint security feeds can always be pulled up on their security cameras through the SkyControl panel. In addition, it can talk to anyone on either side of the lens. Both cameras on the front door of your home and the Ping camera provide functionality through the panel and the mobile app.

User Codes

Likewise, the panel lets you set up a variety of different user codes for everyone in your home including anyone else that may need to come in such as a child’s babysitter. Each person can have their own unique code. Codes can also be deactivated at the homeowner’s discretion.

These codes can connect to an activity log on the panel and the mobile app which will tell you who opened the door and what time the door was opened, or if a trusted visitor were to happen to give their code out to a friend who may try to steal something from your home.

The Mobile Control Sky App

Vivint’s phone app mimics the SkyControl panel in nearly every way. You can control your entire security system including its home automation functionalities. The app is highly-rated on Apple and the Google Play store. The app is very easy to use, a plus for homeowners who want something simple.

You can customize the app to your needs such as having it automatically set the alarm if you plan to go out at a certain time each day. The app can even have the motion detectors shut off during certain times of the day.

The mobile app shows live feeds of your security cameras whenever you want, which works quite well for the doorbell camera. The app will notify you when someone steps onto your first porch. You can also see as well as talk to a delivery person delivering a package to your doorstep or open the door for the delivery man to set the package inside your home while their actions are being monitored.


Vivint’s basic security system has 2-4 window or door sensors. If you need more than that, you will have to pay extra.

A Vivint security system was recently tested to see how well the door sensors functioned. There were sensors placed on all of the rooms of the first floor and the three main entries to the home. Remember that if more door and window sensors are needed, you’ll have to pay an additional $34.99 for them and possibly more if extra glass break detectors or motion sensors are needed.

Because Vivint has an à la carte system that will allow you to purchase as much or as little as you want or need, you won’t have to deal with the burden of having to purchase a whole lot of things you can’t afford.

Here’s an important tip – you can finance your equipment during your contract so you won’t have to pay for it all up front.

Cellular Connection Requirement

You must have a cellular connection to operate your Vivint security system. This is because it’s hooked straight into a cellular signal like your smartphone is. It prevents criminals from being able to disable your system like they would be able to do if it were connected to a phone line like many other systems are. This gives the homeowner extra security too.

Software updates can be sent over their system through this same cellular signal. This keeps your security system current without having to purchase new equipment or hire someone to install updates manually. While this equipment does cost a lot, once you buy it, it’s yours forever.


Vivint’s security system has excellent automation abilities. This security system can automatically control anything from the light switches and locks in your home and even your security system settings and security cameras. Other things Vivint can do is control your garage door or small appliances. If you have Alexa or Google Home, you can integrate Vivint with them so that you can control your home with your voice instead.

Please be aware that you can only control certain parts of the security system with your voice. For example, you can lock doors with your voice, but you cannot unlock them using your voice.

Z-wave technology is used with all Vivint systems. It works with different devices so they will all function together. It has the ability to work with the Nest learning smart thermostat which helps to cut down on energy costs in your home while keeping it comfy.

Customer Service

A downside about Vivint’s security system is their customer service. Many customers have complained about being misled or salespeople aggressively selling them things they do not want or need. Lawsuits have happened in a few states because of some of their tactics. The BBB rates the company a C in this area.

Never buy security systems from door-to-door salespeople. Your best bet is to call Vivint directly to talk to a trained representative who will be able to give you more information about the system than a salesperson can. You want to make sure you’re making the right purchase since most people typically keep a security system anywhere from between eight and eleven years.

Vivint’s price for installation is $49.99. If you want other things installed such as an outdoor camera or doorbell camera, they will cost $99 and $29, respectively.


In closing, a consumer should do their homework on all of the Vivint security systems to find the one that works best for them. If you’re looking for something more than just a standard security system, Vivint is for you. If you are on a budget, however, you can visit some of the other security system reviews available on this site.